What is the New Layer?

New Layer - Your ticket to the world of augmented reality

It is the new augmented reality mobile app. Create photos and videos with virtual 3D objects, complement them with the media files, place them on a map around the world, and send them to family and friends.

Augmented reality is available for everyone. We analyzed the world situation and saw that the AR technologies’ potential has not been fully realised. They are performing their functions separately from each other. We decided to develop the New Layer to combine all of the latest technologies and create an augmented reality layer above our world. This is augmented environment with objects that we can create ourselves.

Our mission is to develop an AR environment and create a global AR ecosystem.

With the New Layer, users can place 3D objects, send and modify them in AR. You can attach texts, music, photos, videos, locations, documents to them.

The New Layer provides great opportunities for different areas of our life: education, entertainment, tourism, advertising, art and architecture.

Show children a Tyrannosaurus right at home. Download the animated model of a dinosaur and explore it in detail: how it looked, moved, how long its legs and tail were. You can take a photo and share it on social media showing how you escape from the dinosaur or make friends with him.

How about creating an augmented reality guide for your city? Place cultural objects on the map, add historical facts and old photos and videos of these places. Then, attach your contact to the objects and be in touch with people, share your knowledge about the city and conduct excursions.

The New Layer possibilities for ad integrations are endless. Create a 3D object for your brand and place it on the main points in your city. For example, place an advertising installation on Times Square without any approvals or bureaucracy. Anything is possible and depends only on your imagination.

There is also a place for artists in the New Layer. You can create and place your 3D art objects at any place. Host virtual exhibitions without breaking away from reality. You can tell the whole world about yourself and your art with the New Layer.

All these possibilities are open with the world of AR and the New Layer.

The potential of the New Layer is enormous. We can create avatars, add objects from the real world and interact with them in the augmented. We expect the new glasses to appear through which we will see the AR world without smartphones soon. There are no boundaries in the AR.

The augmented world can be easily disordered such as the real one. We added a self-regulation mechanism to the New Layer to prevent this. It is time. Virtual objects have their own lifetime.
The Standard user profile gives 30 life days for each object, the Premium profile - 60 days. Each public Like adds 1 life day to the object, and a Dislike takes it away. The more likes the object has, the more time it will exist. But you can also buy or earn extra time for your objects.

The New Layer is a tool for developing the AR world. Together we will create a new global ecosystem that will make our life more convenient and interesting.
And we need your support to do this.

You can now become our Patron for the new functionality and version for Android development on special terms. For more details, please follow the link _____ (link to the patronum).

You can subscribe to the Premium package. This money will be used for the app development and the implementation of the ideas within it.

Also, we are looking for people who will be developing the app with us and help it to become a market leader.

All vacancies you can find in the Category Join the New Layer team.

If you are the owner of the service and would like to integrate it into the app, message at ar@ar-generation.com.

For business proposals, message at ar@ar-generation.com.

Let’s develop the AR world together!