How to use the New Layer?

New Layer is a multifunctional app. Interact with 3D objects in Augmented Reality, place objects on the map around the world, share them with friends and take photos and videos with AR objects.

How to use the app?

Install the New Layer app in the App Store. With your first log in you will go through an onboarding about the application’s functions and interaction with objects.

Tap on the button to create a new default object and then choose the surface where to place it.

To rotate the object tap with 2 fingers on it and move them. To scale the object use the Pinch gesture.

To see the object interaction tips again, click on the button in the upper right corner. If you do not see the button on the screen, place any object by clicking on the button in the lower left corner and check if the Information button appears.

At other times also click the button to place objects.

Working with the object buttons:

press to delete the object;

press to open the objects gallery. There you can select another object and place it;

press to share the object.
Here you will have a choice to send an object to a map or a contact.

press to add attachments.
There will be the following buttons:

attach location to the object;

attach a document to the object;

add text to the object;

add music to the object;

replace current 3D object to another;

attach photo / video to the object;

attach a contact to the object;

exit the object editing mode.

You can view sent objects by clicking the button in the lower right corner.

You can open the map and see placed objects near you and all over the world by clicking the button in the upper left corner.

You can check and change settings by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

If you have any questions about the application use, feel free to ask them here.